So… I know that I should probably be blogging about all the wondrous new things I’m experiencing in Turkey, but these past two weeks have been more mundane than magical. Of course, I’m not complaining about this. The mundane allows me to explore parts of life that get passed over in excitement or glee or novelty. So these past two weeks have been very pensive but I like to think I’ve learned more about Turkey by going about my daily routine in a specific spot of ground than I could have by traveling to the four corners of this ancient land. Perhaps. More on that soon!

1.) Poetry! Try reading this article. I was encouraged by the way it interprets the call of language on our bodies, emotions, senses, and minds.

2.)Speaking of health: “The growing science on how a body imbued with meaning becomes physically healthier”

3.) Ok, this one is heartbreaking and convicting and beautifully written in this quiet, confused voice that resonated long after I stopped reading.
“Think in months. Years. Someone loves you. Where are you going? There are some things you will never do. It doesn’t matter. There is no rush. Be the best prisoner you can be.”

4.) Thanks to Ben Maddox for this one. I’m down for anything that can mix Reinhold Niebuhr, post-colonial studies, and consumption theories. Stick it out:

5.) The two seasons of this series are simply beautiful (and the episodes are only 5-8 minutes long so “seasons” is a bit deceiving). I’m nearly finished watching them all and I’m sure I’ll watch them again (a rarity for me).—city-ballet–517995636

6.) It took me three days to read this because I had to put it down so often to consider the implications of these words on my life. Yes, yes, I’m a very strange girl and I think this way about essays in Esquire magazine about my childhood heroes. Please read it.

-“Mr. Rogers has been doing the same small good things for a very long time”
-“The shootings took place in West Paducah, Kentucky and when Mister Rogers heard about them, he said, “Oh, wouldn’t the world be a different place if he had said, ‘I’m going to do something really little tomorrow'”
-“the thing that people don’t understand about him is that he’s greedy for this–greedy for the grace that people offer him. What is grace? He doesn’t even know. He can’t define it. This is a man who loves the simplifying force of definitions and yet all he knows of grace is how he gets through it; all he knows is that he gets it from God, through man”
-“Mister Rogers finally looked up from his watch and said, ‘May God be with you’ to all his vanquished children.”
-“What is grace? I’m not certain; all I know is that my heart felt like a spike, and then, in that room, it opened and felt like an umbrella”