Things for the week…

1.) Build a better brain with Belgian or Bulgarian or… Portuguese. I need to remember this because learning Turkish is hard. If I want a big brain, I should commit.

2.) Music of the week: Three Tall Pines. Thanks to Ben Maddox for the recommendation. Check em out

3.) While I run, I listen to podcasts. Every week, I catch a few episodes of “Stuff you Missed in History Class” and “Freakonomics” but my long running favorite is still “Wait, Wait… Dont Tell Me.” This week features Jeff Goldblum!

4.) I’m learning the art of packing. Packing for a year overseas, for day trips, for weekend trips to the mountains vs. the Black Sea coast. It makes me wish I’d been a girl scout. They probably have to practice things like this, yes? Anyway, I like the mentality of this couple who traveled for 6 months after getting married. Their blog is also very pretty, despite (because of?) the exhausting amounts of energy they put into looking good while sitting around in beautiful places.

5.) I’m way behind on this trend, but I finally got the MapMyRun app and I used it today on a 4 mile run around the track. It actually helped with motivation and timing. I hate running around a track or on a treadmill, but the fitness culture here is very different than in the states. People, and definitely women, do not work-out in public places. Its pretty much restricted to the gym, the track, and these adorable little fenced-off workout areas in public parks where old people meet up and do arm circles and squats and things. Additionally, even when people are jogging or walking, no one is sweating. If you are sweating, its very likely that someone will walk up and hand you a towel or napkin to wipe off all traces of your glistening. They will also probably tell you to sit down and rest. This has happened to me multiple times. So, despite my desire to run around town, around the mountains, around campus, I restrict myself to the track and just ignore all the stares. Baaaack to the point: MapMyRun talked to me and kept me on pace while I listened to the voice of Ian Malcolm on NPR. Anyway, I loved it. When I go run in Istanbul in a month, maybe I’ll use it as I cross TWO continents.

6.) I made a pumpkin cheesecake and learned a few things. Do make sure that you roast your pumpkin well o that when you blend it, you get a nice smooth puree. Do all the calculations from cups and teaspoons to grams before you start mixing or it will become complicated. Don’t try to cook a cheesecake in a toaster over. Don’t use sheep butter in your crust because even though it will taste delicious, your kitchen will smell like a sheep in heat.

Thats all.